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Architect drawing blueprints, architectural project in progress. Construction engineering.
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Which type of extension shall we design for your house?



Step 1 - Measured Survey

One of our specialist surveyors will visit your home to carry out a measured survey and take photographs. During the visit the surveyor will be happy to discuss the project with you in person, providing you are available, or else such discussions can easily be had online instead.

Step 2 - Development of Plans

After the survey a member of our extension design team will be appointed to work on your project and that designer will be available to meet with you online using Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc as frequently as is required.

Our designers are there to help you. They will approach the project however you want them to. If you would like them to suggest a design that they feel is suited to the house they can do that. Equally if you have a clear idea of your own and just want that to be developed into a set of drawings/ plans of a standard that is acceptable to your local planning or building control authorities they will be happy to do that too.


Step 3 - Getting Ready to Build

Once we have developed and agreed a set of plans for your extension we will help you get ready to build by submitting any applications necessary on your behalf to the local planning or building control authorities and we will send you scalable hard copies of the drawings for the use of your builders.   

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All About Extensions are a team of architectural designers based in Kings Hill in Kent who produce planning and building regulation drawings for extensions, garden rooms and loft conversions throughout London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex and Hampshire. 

We design projects for all types of houses, from small terraced cottages to large detached homes. Primarily we work for small builders but if you are a homeowner don't be put off - we're more than happy to work for you too! 


We specialize in extensions because we want to be the best partner we can be for our core customer base of builders. We know that they need their jobs to stand out and be appreciated so when we take on a new project the question we are always asking ourselves is - what would a good job look like here? Continually pursuing the answer to that question keeps us focused on the detailed work of delivering a design that works for the homeowner, is practical to build, performs well and looks good.


Until a couple of years ago we were based on the Surrey/ London border so that is where most of our work still is. However, we are now based in Kent and are slowly starting to pick up work here too. Here is a map of where we have worked over the past few years. If you live somewhere on this map then we'll be more than happy to come to you.

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